Caravans and Room Sharing

While Rubi Con will not be running any official caravans to the con (come now, we're already here...), any interested parties who have a desire to create and organize a car caravan are invited to do so. Below you will find references to known caravans, and the accompanying web page and email addresses.

If you want to start a caravan, or if you would like a caravan listed here please contact us at

Also, if you will be getting a room at the hotel and want to participate in our room sharing project, you may give of yourself here.


Starting point


More information:

Tiffin, Ohio

Fremont, Toledo, Sandusky...

Nashua, New Hampshire

New York City, places inbetween

Room Sharing

Nick Farr,, is willing to share his hotel room with those that want. Contact him for more information. Also, and I quote, "If people want extended stay, they're welcome to crash at my house in Ann Arbor after the Con is over."