"Subvert me not, boy...
I will not submit to your filthy propaganda,"
-Quote attributed to one Myrone Bagalay, with vague CDC references left intact despite reservations by this author.


Stalin would be proud. Edward Bernays would be jealous. Such is the shotgun advertising strategy employed by the Rubi Con Propaganda Division. Fueled by the knowledge that, for them, glory awaits on every horizon, and egged on by the myopically inattentive employees of the friendly local Kinko's, they wreak havoc on every flat surface they come to. Those to which duct tape will adhere, of course.

The battle cry of a Rubi Con Propaganda Division Commando: "Subversion, Subjugation, Sublimation!"

And now you, the gentle reader, the hapless bystander, and the civilian victim among this war which we fight with words, can do their part to feed the flame.

Behold: digital Rubi Con propaganda to splatter all over your own little piece of Internet real estate. Use with caution and respect for the power held within, or not at all.

It's big, it's unruly, and it's shamelessly self-serving. Gouge out this full sized logo banner for your own page!

A small, simple, efficient, and otherwise sparse reference to Rubi Con 1999. Probably not an accurate reflection of the intensity and deadly purpose of the event through which the image foretells. However, it was all I could come up with in the 10 minutes I had before my bus left, so this is all you get. Stop complaining.

Kevin Mitnick? Hell! What about Rubi Con?! Warning: only for those who know how to take a joke.

Yet another banner for yet another con. Are you feeling lonely and useless in this cold and uncaring universe? Well experience the only existential con advertisement on the web. This image invites the viewer to pause and reflect on the meaninglessness of life and the inevitable end we all must face. It speaks of the human condition and how our singular existence is no more important than that of a bug or a rock in the grand scheme of things. The sun will burn out and the universe will collapse, and then how much will your life have mattered? Find out only after staring at this image for hours on end.

Jesus wants you to go to Rubi Con. Indeed, I think a truer thing has never been spoken. Some unnamed heretic donated this positively swanky advertisement to the cause, but at what cost? That's right, his soul.

You don't have to forfeit your immortal soul just to use this image, you only have to believe that Jesus does want you to go to Rubi Con. And, really, why wouldn't he? The hacker community is an elitist, male-dominated subculture traditionally composed of white, or European-descended individuals who are fervently loyal to a particular set of tools and philosophy of activity. And how, exactly, is that different from Christianity? That's what I thought...

This image was created by a certain "James" of humble purpose and unknown origin. I know what his email address is, but little else. He claims that he was bored when he decided to commit himself to this endeavor. One wonders what "James" does when he's engaged...

This image was described by its very creator as being rather "lame." Well, I told you he was a humble young man. But this statement begs the question, Lame compared to what? The Jesus one? Perhaps, but all I know is that Jesus wasn't much of an artist, and when he got bored he would just start curing lepers.

It's so... so BIG! Bask in the glow of this recently submitted Rubi Con banner. This comes courtesy of an elusive character with one of those extremely cool @email.com email addresses. And you thought Hotmail was elite! I particularly appreciate the adherence to the standard Rubi Con Green. We have to remain consistent, after all. The whole "Green Thing" was inspired by, and intended to be a reflection of, the art direction which spawned the "Borg" of "Star Trek" fame. Note the subtle computer circuitry background bringing it all home. Bravo!

Notice also the mockingly paranoid and slightly sarcastic line at the bottom, "Don't tell the Feds!" Good idea. That way the Ameritech employees will be easier to spot.

If you feel like orchestrating your own local propoganda campaign, feel free to download these full sized and quite high-rez versions of actual Rubi Con advertisements. The thumbnails link to big ass GIFs, which you should feel free to print out and plaster wherever you roam.

I should probably add that if anyone feels like making a Rubi Con logo or banner or whatnot to please mail it in to us and I'll put it up on this page.