Yeah but... why?

In an attempt not to make the same mistakes twice, and to stop ourselves before we get too far into Rubi Con 2000, we are asking our attendees to fill out this little survey. It really only works if you were actually there, and not just trying to mess with us. If you were there, please fill out as much as you can.

We greatly appreciate your contributions of advice and information. Remember, none of the organizers experienced the actual con. Only the attendees did, and we need to know what we did wrong, and what we did right.

Firstly, did you actually like Rubi Con 1999?

Was there something you particularly liked?

Was there something you particularly disliked?

Did you attend any of the speakers?

Did you like them/learn something?

What should be different at Rubi Con 2000?

Where should Rubi Con 2000 be held?

What should we definitely keep from this year?

Any other comments?