Back by popular demand, we have reinstated our beloved Rubi Con Mailing List. With this miracle of modern technology, users can debate at length and in heated exchanges the ineptitude of each other's grammar, the inaccuracy of each other's mathematics, and the myriad details of various science fiction television shows. The actual list is To subscribe, send an email to

Back despite overwhelming protest, we have reinstated the dreaded Rubi Con Newsletter. The verbose and unwieldy epic work intended to inform the masses of recent advances in digital camera technology, blueberry beagles, and anything else directly pertaining to the Rubi Con universe. To subscribe, send a trepidatious email to New installments come out approximately once per month, or whenever there are enough recent happenings to justify it. New issues will also be listed on this page.

Not Yet: Rubi Con Newsletter X, "Fearsome Weapons of the Luftwaffe"
Rubi Con Newsletter 9, "Arigato We Love You"
Rubi Con Newsletter 8, "Today I Stole the Sun From the Sky"