Inspired by Reverse Corruptions accounts of what happened at rubicon,

I felt some sick need to do the same. Granted I was technically incharge as I'm one of the Five so this should be a bit of a different twist. Our story begins Thursday afternoon...

noon: Packing everything into van..grab Eta and Mantus and throw their crap in there too...not much room for the rest of us but we manage the 3 hour drive to Jim's house.

4pm: Start working on the prize and volunteer shirts..perhaps in some form of forshadowing the "Ron" series of shirts fails horridly. The volunteer shirts look on par with the "normal" con shirts we had printed. I was happy.

later: This is where the "blur" starts. Jim and them go down to print the pamphlets, while Mantus and I chill at Jim's house breaking his brother's stuff and later blaming it on the dogs..Eta and I have an encounter with some evil olives (with pits). good food, Jim's dad can cook.. somehow we end up at the hotel where we find out they've changed the name on us. That was pretty funny, nice of them to let us know we only had a contract with them for a few month...arrr. We get there and the ISDN line is not run to the conference space like we were told; this becomes a typical thing with this hotel...idiots....anyhow Ben was beginning what would be a long struggle with the ISDN. We figure we can do no help so we left to finish up the shirts. Sleep didn't come easy, I got about 3 hours.

8am: We're up, I think..I can't remember how I got to the hotel or what...did I go by myself or did I bring someone? arr

11am: Not sure about timeline at this point...I setup some of my boxen and the crucifix. Registration started and I'm not totally sure where I somepoint in time later that day I throw my less-than-impressive ISDN skills at our present fix and decide we're never doing the ISDN "solution" again. It Simply Does Nothing.

afternoon: Anyhow, Ben and myself cruise out to purchase some powerstrips and whatnot. Later Eta and myself cruise on down to a similar path to get some crap for something else that failed so miserably it will never be mentioned again. We also hit that Big Boy, god I hate their food.

nighttime: Brian and I go get some stupid powerstrips. We're called on the way back; apparently we blew breaker. But that would be the simple story. What really happened was we tripped a breaker, the hotel thought we fried it because they were looking at the wrong breaker! ARR! this hotel....We don't find this out until much later. Keynote is when I was cleaning up the network room and trying to figure out how to rig power, to bad I would have liked to see Thieme. I stay up till about 3am, where I nearly puke/pass out.


I get up at 6am, another 3 hours of sleep. Eta is hardcore passed out in the entryway of our hotel room, I let him know there a bed free but he doesn't move, so I kicked him. He got in the bed, it was pretty funny. I walk in the network room where I'm handed that fateful bottle of "surge". Nothing like 80 proof "surge" in the morning. AdminX and his crew held down the network room, I was surprised that the female they had with them was still up (this was the same one Jim is afraid of, she seemed pretty cool to me, I mean staying up that long with the guys must have taken alot, she was pretty dead when I took over at 7am). Things were going well, around 9am Jim gets up, we go out to that horrid Big Boy (same beaten waitress is there) but not before we step in my room, Eta is still in the same stop on the bed, I check for pulse and we're off...

Noonish: The hotel finds out they were looking at the wrong breaker. hahaha. Moving along, the speaker tracks go good, except for those lamers at TDYC! who didn't bother showing up...yeah maybe next year you'll atleast let us know that you're not going to show up..

Night: Evil and I cruise on out to get some squeaky toys (dont ask) after going over some more jeopardy questions (where did the transistors in the first computer come from? what model number? hey Nate got it). We stop at Evil's work, pretty cool setup, then hit Meijer for those squeak toys...Then Arby's...mmm not Big Boy food...
Around 1am or so I break a "party" in Leah's rooms, she's pretty trashed...I tell her to goto bed but you can see what happened if you look around in the mobster's picture directory on this site...anyhow I get 7 hours of sleep that night!

Morning: Oh wow its 10am, how did that happen...get all my crap in the car, let my roommates know to do the same..move on to the conference space..chill out..

Afternoon: closing ceremonies..eek I was up on stage...after that it was "you don't have to go home but you can't stay here" type of thing, we kick everyone out pretty quick. I go home.

Night: I attempt to drown myself in a bottle of gin. (obviously I failed)

Defender of the Faith, Rubicon