Rubi Con 2000

Those of you driving to Rubi Con are bound to pick up a few vagrants, drifters, and homicidal axe murders sulking along the side of the road. While you're at it, why not grab some well-dressed and clean-smelling 'con goers? I mean, it's on the way.

Let someone here know if you're in need of a ride or if you are willing to pick people up along your way. We'll post the listings on this page.

Also, while you're being so generous with your car, why not double up on a hotel room and keep your costs down? There's no better way to get to know someone than to live with them in a small room for three days straight. Help your fellow man: email us.


I live just north of Milwaukee, WI and... I could comfortably take up to four people with their gear. I'd also be willing to stop anywhere along the general Milwaukee - Chicago - Rubi-Con route to pick people up. Also looking to share a room if anyone is interested.

Email godzilla@nconnect.net

From Gaylord Michigan, willing to pick up 8 people on the way.

Email freak88___@hotmail.com

Grand Rapids, Kent City, Holland. Room for 1-2 (3 if we pack em like sardines) plus gear. Possible room share also.

Email aaron.pierce@iconmulti.com

Need a ride. I live inbetween Greenbay and Milwaukee WI.

Email spoonm@spoontech.ne

Hey I need a ride if someone can pick me up. I live in Madison Heights at 11 and John R. If you could give me a ride that would be really cool...

Email ATF3000@aol.com

I'm comming from flint, probably down 75, then telegraph to 94. if anyone needs a ride let me knw. i drive a van. a very large van.

Email mozu0219@kettering.edu