Rubi Con 2000

regular: US$100.00
students: US$40.00

Note: price reflects tickets purchased at the door. Order before March 28, 2000 and save a whole $10.00!

Want to bother someone?

Rubi Con 2000

regular: US$90.00
students: US$30.00

No fancy-shmancy secure encrypted ordering. Just send cash, checks, or money orders to:

Rubi Con
P.O. Box 7098
Ann Arbor, MI 48107-7098

Include an email address for confirmation and the name you want to be registered under. Please specify what rate you would like. Prices are US$90.00 for corporate and Federal employees, and US$30.00 for students, hackers, and everyone else.

Note: the window for advanced tickets closes March 28, 2000, one month before Rubi Con.
Another note: if you do not receive an email confirmation we did not receive your ticket order. Undoubtedly, something went wrong.

More information: