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Denis Baldwin apparently has something to say as well in this writeup.
Mr. Dead Addict also had a thing or two to say.
Richard Forno, my personal hero, has a writeup online.
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Another writeup by RijilV.
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Pictures by Langdon:

Pizza Nazi
Thanks a lot Langdon! Frostbite from some canned air...
Rick Forno giving our impromptu keynote
This case is damn cool
This case is damn cool, part II
Tradeser (I think) plunging to his death at Win NFF's T-Shirs
...and the result
This case is also damn cool
Random people in the network room
More cool neon cases
Spinning in the network room
I fucking hate this kid
Mmm... blinking lights...

Pictures by Rev. George

Pictures by sneak

Pictures by Max

Pictures by RBCP

Pictures by Bluness (

Network room
Jerry Dempesy
Network room
Cool blue case
A lot of smoking at rubicon
DJ table
Con room A
Team Canada hot chick
Win NFF's Shirts
Drunken madness
Druken sitting
Drunken laying
Drunken puking?
Drunken relief
Sock puppets
Holy shit a lot of wire
The peaceful marriot
Telephone analysis equipment
Tagging board
Win NFF's Shirts III
Jason Scott concentration
Everyone wins a shirt
Alcohol + con table
Mixing board
Alcohol + con table
Makeshift ashtray
WTF is that
Phone board
RC4 badge
Scavenger hunt
Closing ceremony room
Cop + organizer
Cop + 2 + 1 rubicon organizer
Cop + 3 + 1 rubicon organizer + police dog
Smokey the po-lease dog
Upset hotel employee
Oh shit a dog
Cop talks to kicked out con members
Everyone leaves
Cop 1
Cop 2
Alcohol remains
Marriott + cop car
Man hole cover area?

Pictures by The Canadians:

Pontifex and Grebin haul in a heavy scavenger hunt item into the hotel
Our bath tub this year revived the tradition of rubi2k
Cyanosis on the ceiling
Flameout after being up for a while
Cyanosis and Static in drunken camaraderie
Isotek does a magic trick with some shaving cream and a foot-long maglight
Flameout is shocked, I think. Asher is hiding off to the right. See?
The roof, well, part of it anyway
NFF at part two of "Win NFF's T-shirts"
More NFF, this time it is at his "Physical Backdoor Security" presentation
"No Fireworks, No Sparklers -- Police/Fire Order"
A dead 5.25" floppy on the network room door
Jason Scott, giving a presentation (part II) on BBS history
Mordac decided to put a PLA sticker on a book of Mormon
Beer that found its way into the elevator
Jim speaking with some of "Romulus' Finest"
On the way back to Toronto our van's transmission blew up

Pictures by Glitch

Pictures by Froggy

Pictures by Jon

Pictures by netmunky

Pictures by Futz

The burn mark of a bottle rocket shot during darkcube's solaris lecture
42 creamers
I don't think thats where the lobby chair belongs
The Demon and Dude. How many computers can you fit in one room? The world may never know
Some after-hours handiwork
Prime example of why Atari shouldn't tackle a fifth of five o'clock by himself
Results of Ataris car stalling mid-turn
My barely scathed stationwagon
Proof of concept

Pictures by Reconfigured Magazine

Pictures by cept0r

(Clean) hotel lobby
Mass of network cable
Spinny spinny
Weird network room
Holes in the ceiling
More holes in the ceiling
Missing exit signs
Smokey the Police Dog
Froggy (I think) spinning
Packed network room

Slides from Kyle Amon's presentation "Building and Managing Firewall/VPN Systems with OpenBSD" are available here.

Slides from Christopher R. Hertel's presentation "Crossing Proprietary Software Boundaries with Samba and its Ilk" are available here.

Notes from Jason Scott's presentation "BBS: Always and Forever" are available here and here.

Slides from Lars Hecking's presentation, "Development and Application of AMaViS, an Email Virus Scanner" are available here.