What is Rubi Con?

Rubi Con is a data and network security conference held annually in Detroit. One spring weekend per year we take over a hotel and treat our attendees to dozens of technical speeches, silly games, and intelligent, friendly conversation.

When is it? How long will it last?

Rubi Con 2002 will be Friday April 5, Saturday April 6, and Sunday April 7, 2002. Doors open at noonish on Friday, and anyone left lingering past 4:00 pm on Sunday will be sold for organ harvesting.

How much does it cost?

Tickets are US$100.00, or US$40.00 for "students." Order tickets before March 7th, 2002 and save a whopping US$10.00. See this page for advanced registration information. All prices are in U.S. currency. Creative equivalents to standard monetary units are not likely to be creative enough to be equivalent. For ticket questions, contact tickets@rubi-con.org.

What do I get?

The price of your ticket covers all events and areas of Rubi Con 2002. You get a badge, a fist-full of cool stickers, as many attendee packets as you can carry, and possibly other goodies. Swanky RC4 t-shirts sold separately.

Where is it being held?

Rubi Con 2002 will be at the Romulus Marriott in Romulus, MI. See our hotel page for more information.

Who should go?

Anyone. Everyone. If you have an interest or stake in computer security (or lack thereof), Rubi Con is for you. Admins, programmers, hackers, phreakers, IT professionals, the curious, conf whores and hangers on.

How do I get tickets?

Tickets will be sold at the door, all throughout the conference, for US$100.00, or US$40.00 for "students." Tickets can also be ordered via our advanced registration process. See this page for more information. Save an additional US$10.00 off the already low, low price by registering early! For ticket questions, contact tickets@rubi-con.org.

What's this I hear about t-shirts?

As always, we will be printing official (and some not-so-official) Rubi Con 2002 t-shirts. They will be on sale throughout the conference for US$20.00. We print on high-quality black cotton shirts in a variety of sizes. Have an idea for a shirt? Contact nieken@rubi-con.org.

Stickers? Really!? I could shriek!

Me too. This year we will have even more stickers! And, as a precautionary measure, RijilV will NOT be doing the design this year.

My mom says I can't go.

That's a damn shame. I suggest you burn down the house in retaliation. A note on the younger crowd: Rubi Con is about learning, not about elitism. We have no aversion to younger attendees, and welcome them to our event. Everyone has something to learn, as well as something to offer, if they are willing.

Uh... Am I going to be the only girl there?

Not at all. Persons of the female persuasion are never out of place. We are a polite and accepting bunch such that you will not feel alone, and we always receive a healthy percentage of women such that you won't be alone.

Huhuh. Are there going to be, like, GIRLS there?

Yeah, but they won't talk to you.

Is any of this legal?

More than half, I would think. Decidedly more than when we started, regrettably. Such is the way of things.

Should I bring my computer?

You should. We will be setting up a large LAN with Internet access in one of our main rooms. All attendees are encouraged to bring a box and plug into the network. Not only is it fun, but it is a great opportunity to learn about networking and different operating systems. Bring a hub, a bit of network cable, and a powerstrip.

What else should I bring?

Anything you need to stay alive for 72 hours. Here is a handy list courtesy of NFF:

Your computer
Admission fee and spending money
Category 5 shielded twisted pair Ethernet cable
Ethernet hubs
Wireless Ethernet cards & repeater gear
Repelling equipment (snicker...)
Toolbox/Swiss Army Knife/other assorted weaponry you don't need a license to carry concealed
Ham gear
Old gear that looks cool/doesn't work
An automobile (preferably one made somewhere within 100 miles of Detroit)
Books to sell/trade
"Other printed matter of value" to sell/trade
Stereo equipment
Records (if you can spin)
Music CDs (if you can't)
Hacker-oriented t-shirts (note: you can win some at "Win NFF's T-shirts" if you don't have any.)
Propaganda for groups you want to promote
Paper shredders for said propaganda
Duct tape

Will there be a LAN?

We will be fashioning a LAN out of pure energy and proto-matter; building our network atom by atom using the same forces that created the universe out of nothingness. All the raw energy that lies poised at the foundation of all space and time will be at your finger tips.

Also, we'll rope off a little corner for the Mac users.

Sure, but what about Internet access? Hey! I'm talking to you!

Say what you will, but Rubi Con has had Internet access every year since we started. So, per usual, we will get some kind of bandwidth piped into the hotel. Probably a DSL or two, maybe something more sexy. Divination is pointing to something mysterious and terrifyingly powerful called a "T1" this year. It just might be. If your company wants to donate some fat pipes or be our ISP in exchange for promotion or maybe a tax write-off, contact Brian DeLine at deline@rubi-con.org.

1 @/\/\ |3++++++++++ | 0\/\/nZZZZZ0x0rzzzzz j0000!!!!!11

Not bloody likely. Ask Erickson what we do to script kiddies.

This is just a rip-off of DEF CON, isn't it? ISN'T IT!?

Under the looming shadow of DEF CON all computer events are measured. Does that make us impostors? Only if you think DT invented all this. Besides, Rubi Con is not merely DEF CON in Detroit; it's a unique event with a unique personality. Inspired by, sure. But anything less denies the work that goes into this event.