Rubi Con (now in its forth year) is a data and network security conference held annually in metro Detroit. Three days of expert speakers, workshops, games and contests --all with a casual, open atmosphere and a very unique goal. Our intention is to bring together the two sides of system security: those on the outside trying to get in, and those on the inside trying to keep everyone else out.

In the real world, it's IT professionals and security experts versus "underground" crackers and computer hackers. These two sides have much more in common than they often realize, and can learn more from being in each other's presence than they might believe. Rubi Con is here to make it happen.

But we exist to provide information rather than an ideology. For while you might learn how to break into computers at Rubi Con, you will also learn how to fortify and defend them. We do not endorse illegal activity, only the value of information.

Rubi Con offers three full days of expert speakers in both large group and intimate classroom settings. Speakers will offer sessions on such diverse topics as advanced AS/400 security measures and the philosophy of the modern computer hacker. All sessions are intended to be highly interactive; questions and dialogue are encouraged to create a more intimate and friendly atmosphere. Our speakers are professionals and experts in their fields, many have Ph.D.s and nearly all have been involved in information technology for decades.

We also host fun games and contests to test your knowledge. Our hacking contest is a race to break into secure network servers. Trivia games offer fun prizes in exchange for obscure information. Do you have a duck? You will if you play our (in)famous scavenger hunt.

Rubi Con occurs yearly in the metro Detroit area. This year we will be at the Romulus Marriott in Romulus, MI. See this page for location info. Rubi Con 2002 will occur Friday April 5, Saturday April 6, and Sunday April 7, 2002. The conference will run 24 hours a day, and enough caffeine will be kept on hand for those who want to run 24 hours a day, too. Registration begins at noonish on Friday. We shut our doors late on Sunday, and all classes will run between the hours of 9:00 AM and 11:00 PM.

Tickets are US$100.00, and US$40.00 for "students." Advanced tickets will cost US$90.00 and US$30.00, respectively. See this page for advanced registration. Advanced tickets will not be accepted after March 7, 2002, or one month prior to Rubi Con. The cost of a ticket covers all events, classes and speakers at Rubi Con 2002. You get a professional looking ID badge, and perhaps other goodies. Swanky R-Con T-shirts sold separately.