MARCH 28 - 30, 2003, DEARBORN, MI

And in the flash of picoseconds and the dark spaces of silicon gates and the invisible matrix of fiendish complexity which sits unfurling before the trembling fingers of those with the patience, undying curiosity and (let's just say it) genius to sling a pebble where others would hurl a mountain, one wonders why there stands disharmony between any who see this invisible world; between any who divine and any who would uncoil the wizard mazes which bind our terrible secrets and our teeming oceans of endless information.

We bridge the duality. We unite the twins of our digital age, and show each what they are, what they were, and what they may be.

Black. White. We stand outside the duality. We are gray.

RC5: March 28 - 30, Dearborn, MI

Something isn't quite right.