As a result of a somewhat chaotic door-registration process, Rubi Con does not have the time or staff to register press at the door. Therefor we ask that all press and press affiliations pre-register with us. It is considerably easier for Rubi Con if all press pre-registration be handled over email.

Please send an email to with the following information:
  • Names of all who will attend (first, last)
  • Press affiliation
  • Current Photograph of all who will attend (in years past we've learned we need this to prevent fraud)
  • Type of media (print, television, documentary, etc)
  • Have you covered similar events before, and if so please list stories

We at Rubi Con would like all press to be registered as such to better handle the needs of both the press and regular attendants. Please include all the documentation we asked for, or we will be unable to process your pre-registration. Hope to see you at Rubi Con!

If you have any questions, contact RijilV at