Eyeballing the Rubicon 2003 hotel

The location used for the maps was:
5801 Southfield Fwy
Detroit, MI
48228-3885, US
The main entrance to the hotel is on the south, with the hotel rooms on the north. The conference space is right in the middle. You can see there are only two ways to get to the hotel, and both go down the same driveway. One is off of Ford Road, the other is on the service road.
The Holiday-Inn is Up and Right from the center of the map. The Southfield Freeway borders the map on the right, Ford Road is on the bottom. The service road that the hotel is on runs diagonally across the map. The large rectangular building on the left half of the map is the OfficeDepot and CompUSA. Directly below that is the Wendy's. Chili's is the diamond shaped building to the right of Wendy's