Major events of Rubi Con 1999


Behold! What follows is a listing of some of the more significant aspects of Rubi Con 1999.

More than a dozen expert speakers will provide two whole days of technical content for all attendees. Offered will be both large group and classroom settings for both broad and specific topics. Learn about the hacker community, data and network security, the future of the technology industry, and many other topics. Speaker sessions will run all day Saturday and all day Sunday. On Sunday speakers will be presented six topics at a time for six hours, making for more than 40 different sessions over the weekend.

Challenge your skills and compete with your friends in the many Rubi Con games. Cool prizes and the adoration of young, attractive women await all winners. Try your hand in our programming contest where people try to come up with the coolest or most unusual hack on their OS of choice. Or play in the hacking contest, where combatants race each other to see who can break into secured network boxes first and retrieve a special file. The Rubi Con games will run for the entire three days, with prizes awarded and winners declared during the Sunday closing ceremony.

More than five different DJs are coming in from all over the country to spin at the Rubi Con Rave. Starting late Saturday night, and laboring on into Sunday morning the rave will feature some of the coolest electronic music available from some of the coolest DJs around, including some local favorites like DJ Elixir. There are plans to make this a silent rave, where we will broadcast the DJ's signal over a radio station and people can pick it up on walkmans. Plans remain tentative, but if you have experience with pirate radio, please contact someone.

Spanning the entire three days of Rubi Con will be a programmer's code clinic. Staffed by expert programmers versed in several languages, the code clinic is being set up so anyone with a troubled program can come in and work it out. Bring in the project that just won't compile, and the problem that you just can't figure out and work it out with your programmer peers.

The Network
There will be a large RJ45-based Ethernet network at Rubi Con. Attendees are invited to bring their boxes and plug them in for network games and access to the Internet through our dual ISDN connection. All you need to do is bring your computer and a monitor to join in. The network will be entirely ad hoc, so you may want to bring in your spare hub and some Cat-5 just in case of a shortage.