The Offical Rubi Con Newsletter
A collaborative effort between the Rubi Con Propaganda
Division and the Rubi Con Indoctrination Division to bring
you up-to-date information about that con from hell, Rubi Con!


I recently set up a mailing list to allow our army of minions to communicate with each other and so that I could disrupt their orderly lives with my 2,000-word newsletters from hell. If you want to experience the prose bazooka that is my writing, you can send email to indicating your interest. The newsletter system was designed simply to keep people informed as to recent events and happenings in my universe such as how many car accidents I've gotten into lately, how much of a damn idiot Ron is, and other important Rubi Con type news.

I'm trying to get an issue out every few weeks or so, or whenever there's enough recent happenings to justify it.

As new newsletters come out, I will post them here for those of you who either didn't fully understand the immense importance and depth of my writings at the onset, or who were suspiciously concerned as to what wicked things I might do with their email addresses (you probably wouldn't want to know anyway).


Onward. Look, I know how to type:

Rubi Con Newsletter 1.0.2, "Fiona Apple is Hot," (11-27-1998)

1. new website with buckets of raw propaganda
2. make me a web banner, take home a ham!
3. me and "The Machine" got into a car accident
4. make me a t-shirt design, take home the winner of the banner contest!
5. thoughts on publishing a book of technical notes for Rubi Con attendees
6. RootFest and how much of a "bad thing" it really it

Rubi Con Newsletter 2.0.8, "Ice Cream Headache" (12-13-1998)

1. what's going on with the FBI
2. Ron is a damn idiot
3. we have a temporary mirror site on the web

Rubi Con Newsletter 3.0.3 "Forty-Seven Digitis of Pi" (12-30-1998)

1. the Holiday Inn is kicking me in the ass, yet lacks the common decency to give me a reach around, and other hotel-based nonsense.
2. we're implementing an official volunteer sign-up system
3. explanation of the RootFest situation anything else I can come up with before I blackout from the pain...

Rubi Con Newsletter 4.0.1, "Candles Messiah," (1-10-1999)

1. the great Commercial vs. Underground debate. what do you think?
2. potential reciprocity inherent in Rubi Con newslettering systems
3. important updates on our Official Volunteer Signup System
4. give us stuff: return of the Rubi Con Prize Patrol
5. our Propaganda Division experiences a premature ejaculation, and how you can get ahold of some of it.
6. we will be migrating to a real web server in the coming weeks. prepair youself.

Rubi Con Newsletter 5.0.8b, "Verbi Ex Intelligencia," (3-8-1999)

1. division between Rubi Con Newsletter and Rubi Con mailing list
2. return of give us stuff: give us more stuff
3. my own lack of "skills," and concern over underground representation
4. forget ambrosia, donuts are the food of the Gods.
5. the Secret Service is your friend
6. ride sharing, room sharing, and other Rubi Con side projects.
7. recruitments to the Rubi Con Propaganda Division

Rubi Con Newsletter 6.1c, "Hungry Hungry Hippos," (4-4-1999)

1. More of Jim's high-pitched whining.
2. More of Jim's incessant ramblings and long-winded stories.
3. Other "relevant" topics.

Rubi Con Newsletter 7.0, "[insert witty title here]," (coming as soon as I get some spare time)

1. Issues
2. Minutiae
3. Topics
4. Other important stuff
...sounds exciting, huh?