Rubi Con 2000


1. Why, in the name of all that is good and pure, is this thing in Michigan?

Hey, Michigan isn't that bad. Sure there's Detroit, but that's easy enough to ignore. Or just pretend it's part of Canada. Besides, Michigan is a nice state and our April weather is heavenly. Plus, all of our organizers live in this state so it only seemed natural.

2. So how much does it cost?

Tickets are US$100.00, or US$40.00 for "students." Get your tickets before March 28 a save US$10.00.

3. How do I get tickets?

You can get tickets either at the door for full price, or in advance for US$10.00 less than the normal price. To get advanced tickets, send cash or a check/money order to Rubi Con, P.O. Box 7098, Ann Arbor MI, 48107-7098. Include whatever name you want to be registered under and an email address for confirmation. If you do not receive an email confirmation than something went wrong and we did not get your ticket order.

4. What do I get for that?

You get access to the entirety of Rubi Con for the full duration. This includes all games, speakers, events and areas. The only additional cost are swanky RC2K t-shirts.

5. What about those cool t-shirts?

Well, while we're on the subject, we will be pumping out lots of cool Rubi Con 2000 t-shirts for you. They will be on sale through out the con for $20.00. We will print on black, high-quality cotton t-shirts in a variety of sizes. Although this year's design is shrouded in secrecy, there are rumors of more than one shirt.

6. Where will the conference be?

At the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Romulus, Michigan. Romulus is just outside of Detroit, and is home to Detroit Metro Airport. The hotel is located at 8600 Merriman Road, Romulus, MI 48174, United States. You can contact them at (313) 728-7900, or for reservations at (877) 999-3223. They are also online at

7. When is it, and how long will it last?

We open our doors on Friday, April 28, 2000 at 3:00 PM, and hope to get everyone out of there by 3:00 PM on Sunday, April 30. The conference will be up and running every hour in between, and there will always be something to do. Sleep, or so our motto reads, is for the lusers.

8. Who should attend?

Anyone and everyone with an interest in the security of digital systems. Admins, programmers, hackers, phreakers, IT professionals, the curious, conf whores and hangers on.

9. My mom says I can't go.

That's a shame. Perhaps next year. But seriously, a lot of our attendees are on the young side. We have no aversion to the younger crowd, and welcome them to this event. However, we take no responsibility for the actions of any of our attendees, and assume responsibility for none of them.

10. They won't give me a hotel room. What gives?

The hotel will only rent rooms to people 21 and over, and who have a credit card number. If you are under 21, you can contact someone here for assistance.

11. So, like, am I going to be the only girl there?

No. There will be some fellow females there, so you need not feel too alone.

12. So, like, are there going to be chicks there?

Yes. But they will be issued mace at the door and instructed to permanently blind anyone who looks like they would ask us that sort of question.

13. Is any of this legal?

Large percentages of it. Up from last year, in any case. Per usual, we do not condone any illegal activity, we pursue only information, what you do with that information is your own business, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera...

14. Should I bring my computer?

Please do. We will be setting up a huge LAN in the hotel for games and general mischief. You can bring monitors and desktops and other equipment, and the entire area will be be under watch by our volunteer korps. The network will be 10-BaseT, so be sure you have the appropriate hardware to join in the fun.

15. What else should I bring?

Anything you need to stay alive for 72 hours. Money would be helpful, as would a car. Cloths, if you're one of those types who feels compelled to dress yourself. All your gadgets, obviously, as this is a computer con.

16. What's this I hear about a LAN?

Well, like I said above. We will be fashioning a LAN out of pure energy and proto-matter; building our network atom by atom using the same forces that created the universe out of nothingness. All the raw energy that lies poised at the foundation of all space and time will be at your finger tips.

Also, we'll rope off a little corner for the Mac users.

17. Yeah, but will there be Internet access?

There will. Details remain sketchy, but we'll have something between an ISDN and a T1. Suffice it to say, we will have access to the outside world.

18. 1/\/\ @ Hax0r!!!!11!1!! 1 0wnz J00!!!

Not bloody likely. I think my argument from last year remains valid: The truly "elite" among us don't need to be told that they are, in fact, elite. They just know it. Likewise, the rest of us can see their eliteness by the look in their face. Their dark eyes with that cold, almost inhuman stare which seems to penetrate deep into your soul. So, "k133+ h@x0rz" and their language-impaired brethren can be as talented and skilled as they like at Rubi Con 2000, they're just not allowed to talk about it.

19. This is just a rip off of DEF CON, isn't it? ISN'T IT!?

Admittedly, Rubi Con is not the first to jump on the hacker conference bandwagon. But if it's any conciliation, I was inspired more by the kind folks down at Mac Hack than the ninjas behind DEF CON.