This is perhaps the unoffical Rubicon website. I try to put up information that'll help everyone at the con, and some uniq stuff that people may for forgotten about. Since all of this stuff is small, I figure I'll just keep it all online, and that'll make it look like there is really something there..

Quotes of Rubicon is a small list of things people have said at Rubicon that I managed to write down. If people have some more of these please submit them, as I couldn't possibly get them all.

Thank you for Rubicon 2000 probably missing many people here, but those are the people that stuck in my mind for helping out at Rubicon 2000.

Photo recon of 2001 hotel some decent pictures of the hotel in 2001 before Rubicon.

General info for Rubicon 2001 This should help out anyone wanting to know where to go to get food or other things at Rubicon 2001.

Cross the Rubicon
Burn the fire sign
Only victory is bliss
Bend a broken rule
Break the symmetry
Put all progress in remiss

Rinse out the ugly and purge every demon
A small step for progress a leap for the mind
The smoke never settles where everything is even

A poke in the eye the equation is nil

Violence for inner-peace
Bombing for therapy
Terror is everything you need

Cross the dotted line
Fake your destiny
Give a finger take a hand
Use the enemy
Turn the outside in
Tell the prophet it's the end

Money is power and power is corruption
There is nothing to gain for the absolute truth
Natural selection is based on deceptioin
The ignorant elder empowers the youth...

KMFDM, Rubicon 1999