Other Rubi Con Type Stuff

Rubi Con Newsletter
Experience the Voice of Rubi Con and Jim Tantalo's Prose Bazooka in convenient, bite-sized chunks. Well, more like unmanageable 40k chunks. And that's plain text, folks. Anyway, the Rubi Con Newsletter system was enacted to keep people informed as to recent happenings in the universe, at least those that directly pertain to Rubi Con. I try to put out an issue only every few weeks or so, which keeps the mass psychological trauma to a minimum.

Get Propaganda
Because there's no reason not to splatter my stupid graphics all over your web page. Go here for banners, fliers, and other Rubi Con propaganda.

Goofy Pictures of Rubi Con Staff
We spent some time running around towns plastering up our filthy propaganda. Someone took pictures. Someone else put them up on the web. Someone else bailed us out of jail for littering and defiling Ameritech buildings.

Contact Rubi Con People
You've read my silly, 18-page rants. You've seen us defile 12 Oaks Mall. Now, send us a piece of email. A page full of contact information for Rubi Con personnel and volunteers.