(or at least what's left of it)

Lots of people were running around with cameras (not that I ever found mine...), so I know there are loads of pictures this year. Send them to me and I'll put them all up. Send me your thoughts and stories and writeups and whatever else you want me to post and I'll do my best to get it up here. Thanks to everybody for making Rubi Con 2000 so awesome this year!


Read a riveting account of Rubi Con 2000 by Reverse Corruption
Read an even more riveting account by RijilV
More riveting accounts by teknopurge
Read some thoughts about Rubi Con 2000 by Toolie`


Pictures by Notbob and Mobsters (My room was right next to these guys, and yet, they seem to have had a lot more fun than I. Bitter? No.)

All the laptops and cells at the room
Another picture of our equipment
Bitch we social engineered at Taco Bell
Cellphones and equipment in our room
First night's brew
Mac section of the network room
More pictures of the network room
Even more pictures of the network room
Bubonic (before being evicted by hotel)
Over the course of the con, thus guy got two shirts and $26.00 out of NFF
Easy there, Ben
This guy's underage
Killian's Irish Red
Bubonic is underage too, of course
Impromptu Spot-the-Fed

Pictures by Brian

Ha ha! Ben's using a Mac!
NFF and his |33+ Lingo scripting skillz
RijilV, Eta and Ben in the network room. Note the crucifix.
The network room
Packed network room
More people
Empty network room
Richard Theime and one of his many dynamic hand gestures
People at the keynote speech
More people at keynote
I think Road Trip was asleep
More Richard Theime
Jon Erickson, AKA Rubix Cube Boy, confusing people at his speech on quantum computing
A bunch of people getting confused at Erickson's speech
Eta and volunteers asleep at the registration desk
Karl at his speech on TCP/IP
Tim Crothers as he might look if he were singing
People at Tim's second speech
More people
Blurry people. Can you spot Evil in this picture?
The Evinci Crew
Some of the Amerisuck Krew

Pictures by RijilV

RijilV's Van fully loaded 1
RijilV's Van fully loaded 2
RijilV's Van fully loaded 3
Random Network Room Pic 1
Random Network Room Pic 2
Random Network Room Pic 3
Evil and Prez
I could be wrong but it looks like NFF had some bad news to tell
My drunken camera...
Proof of just who defaced

Pictures by Reverse Corruption (why are these all pictures of sleeping people?)

Knight Phall sleeping like a baby
This dude snores like a banshee
In the wake of Movie Night, an entire room full of people were 0wned
More cookie pictures
Even more cookie pictures
Still more cookie pictures
Knight Phall with a cookie
The LAN room crucifix
Tony and Knight Phall
The lobby
More people

Pictures by Ech0

Ech0 and Simon. Note the pimp Volunteer Korps t-shirt.
Ech0. I owned his box (heheheh)
Give me the fricking launch codes!
Simon beige boxing from the hotel PBX?
A shot from Hacker Jeopardy. Can you spot your's truly tucked away in the back there

More pictures by Ech0

Kate is groovy, and she's got a little bit of that Bettie Page thing going on, so I love her
Joe, plainly labeled
Goddamit!! THEY defiled the phone?! I thought it was the Amerisuk crew...
Yeah, but does it work?
This kid was pretty drunk and stoned most of the con
Please show some self restraint, guys...
Hacked this bitch Detroit style!
Eta, sound asleep

Pictures by Carbon

Carbon Bloated and Drunk
Flame and Prez
Proz and Rainah
Ska Phreak blur
Toolie (This girl scared the hell out of me, yet I know not why...)

Pictures by Toolie` (Again, this girl scares me --but that's just me)

The 419 crew chillin (from left to right sTaT-X, rainah, Prez [who seems to be quite popular] Dark Cube, and Admin-X-'s back.)
More of room 209 (L.ta R. Another shot of Admin's better side, RoadTrip, sTaT-X, n Flame0ut eatin some of that nasty McDonalds that gave everyone food poisoning)
Don't they seem like they have such a purpose?
The lovely hotel that Rubi was held at (and shall never be again :)
Ameritek Hat? GTE sign? Is that a Handset sir???
Another un-interesting picture of the network room.
Early in Rubi.

Random, miscellaneous pictures

Ech0 and Simon as they were trying to root my Mac. They failed.
In the absence of a Spot the Fed contest, people will improvise
An annotated account of the network room (funny)