Hey you! Make me a graphic or a banner and I'll put it up here. Send what you got to tantalo@rubi-con.org. In the meantime you will have to suffer through my traditionally lame and uninspiring renditions. The quick of wit will also note that these are from the previous site revision. Maybe when I feel like it I will update them:

Brian Langdon made a startup logo for Nokia phones. Yes, you read that right. Click to download the .nlm file.

Not to be outdone, a certain "Isaac" submitted this Nokia logo. Everyone still loves Zero Wing, right?

Patron Saint of Rubi Con, RBCP, made us some sexy banners. Click here for more.

And yet another. Show this one to your mom!

Hey you! We have a nifty web-based forum now. Check it out at http://www.phonelosers.org/rubicon_forum.html and much thanks to RBCP for setting it up.

A certain, "LD" sent us this banner. There's something wrong with it, but I just can't put my finger on it. Oh yeah...

"the1" sent us this flier sort of advertisement thing. It's funny, but in all honesty the NSA had your codezx0rz before you even got up this morning.

Are you affiliated with the press or a media organization? Click here for information on press registration and press discounts.

Thanks to the unprecedented success of Operation Human Shield last year, we will once again be putting together our fearsome Volunteer Korps. There will be changes this year, however, to how we select individuals and what we will expect of them. Click here to apply.

For some reason we now have an IRC channel. Come waste your life away with the rest of us on #rubi-con on EF Net, where EVERYONE is in a permanent state of idle.

The very cool people at No Starch Press have agreed to let us besmirch their good name by letting us associate with them. They are donating some of their fine books to our attendees, which makes all of you obligated to go buy some of them.