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Pictures by Jose

Pictures by Froggy

Pictures by Red Box Chilli Pepper

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Pictures by Mister X

The AT&T building
Cable running up the side of the hotel
More cable running up the side of the hotel
Even more cable running up the side
Cable running down the building
More cable running down the hotel
NFF, doing something
Some kid passed out in the lobby
The network room
The network room again
The network room yet again
NFF, coping an attitude
Another shot of the network room
Two ugly kids at the registration desk
More pictures of ugly people
Karl's TCP/IP talk

Pictures by Tradeser

Sodium and Tophat's speech
USAGeek... I think
Bubonic, owning one thing or another
Myself and Roadtrip
The Mobsters crew
A beautiful shot of Detroit
The AT&T building
JameZZZzzz0Xorzzzzz, T7g, and someone else
Hey, who's that kid with the shank?
Some dude in the network room
Ben, BSD, and PhrozenNapalm discuss My Little Pony
RijilV and USAGeek moments before being consumed by the Crystaline Entity
Matrix, owning a Rubix Cube
Rick Forno, some ugly kid, RijilV, and Mantus
A completed Rubix Cube. Erickson must be near by!

Pictures by Prez

carbon, hacking away at your computer.
among other garbage, phonelosers truly are 'leet'.
this is really just a picture of the railing.
in my humble opinion, tagging is for low-life scum shit.
erm, where do I sleep?
a look down on the main lobby, otherwise known as the "universal rubi-con bedroom".
they say a picture is worth a thousand words, this one is worth one.
look at me, i'm prussian snow and i can make my face like a fishie.
network ball-room.
"why? what did you do to my face?"
vending machines.. cigarettes.. i thought that was illegal.
hahaha, pull my finger!
integriT, pondering many evil things.

Pictures by Carbon and Prez

Prez & Orez "Where the hell is our food y0"
"Whats my name bitch?" ... "Your damnnnn right"
Flame0ut "WTF you want huh?"
"Excuse me, can I see those rubi badges?"
Cyanosis & Carbon "I so do not have a double chin"
"E..L..I..T..E, huh?..oh, 31337. h4h h4h h4h"
Is this heaven? nah, just the lan of rubicon ghettoness
StatX, the cat5 pimp. (apparently this is a run and gun shot)
Yes, after long amounts of sleep deprevation even the camera suffered from blurriness
Carbon "Man, hashbrown...never again. NEVER!"
See the rare and unclassified species as our dear cameraman runs for his life
Pimpin in a ghetto hotel suite. "Whats that cable out the window?" :)
Asher "Ill just sit here 99% of the time and not eat"
Carbon and Orez look unto nothingness..side by side, thick and thin (thats not suppose to be a joke damnit!)

Pictures by Asher and flame0ut

A creepy bricked-over window in stairwell B.
PrussianSnow and Cyanosis contemplate the opulent subbasement.
Flame0ut, mercifully out of focus.
Between the fourth floor and the network room ceiling. Some scary ghetto kids lived here, we're told.
Flame0ut sits precariously on the edge of the 23-story Ramada roof.
A very small piece of the creepy graffiti that spanned for floors in the bottom of stairwell B.
Yes, we were here, but it wasn't us who kicked the door down, dammit. We used a credit card.
And we didn't disconnect those lines, either. Flame0ut's just trying to punch our room's line into the hold music. And anyway, this didn't happen. Honest.
Room 1425 at Rubi-Con's beginning. There's plenty of other pictures of it at Rubi's end. Poke around a bit.
This probably would have stopped normal people...
1920's pr0n in one of the distant, dark, dusty top rooms of the Ramada.
Prez looking worse than flame0ut did last year. Ha!
PrussianSnow has a few larfs with his invisible friend.
This is Cyanosis, just before he kicked my ass.

Pictures by Bubonic

Blury picture of the network room
Another blury picture of the network room
Some people in the network room
Up close at the AT&T building
More at the AT&T building
The Death Star
R** tagging a fly hottie
R** and the hottie again
This scares the hell out of me...
Another shot of the network room
Rich, as posessed by Satan
In the network room
Swamptrot, dancin' to the groove
More people in the network room
Nice rack!
Ech0, and Simon smoking! Someone tell his mom!
Yet another picture of the network room
Still another picture of the network room
Here it is again...
Girls? At a hacker conference?
A Macintosh Classic
Tony would make a good hit man
A payphone in the hotel. Note the PLA sticker
Tagging in the elevator
Who's this ugly bastard?
I don't know how they got this shot, but I'm sure they weren't supposed to be there
More tags in the elevators (FUCK MOBSTERS!)
Some blond woman

Pictures by waX0r

RiX Eddie and Michell in Greektown
Dead Fuse? No problem.
Our table
Eddie and Dante, doing whatever they do
Heh, more power.
Wall o puterz.
Fly Asian chick 1000ptz
The Hampshire College gang
Canadian Imigration, car search in Progress
Merril, just after waking, just before killing me
RiX, get it.
Matt, after being rooted
Where's Shane?

Pictures by Asher and Flame0ut

"Cactus Will" on the fourth floor
Flame0ut stares out at the beautiful city of Detroit
Look close for the Rubi-Con3 sticker
A door in the sub-basement, which incidentally lead to the back of a night club "or be tortured to death"
Prez "I will just sit like this 99% of the time and wait for something to come to me"
The owning of RBCP
Laundry shoot, looking down. (Found outside room 1425)
laundry shoot looking up
A boiler on the top floor, where roof access and pr0n were found
Just a glimpse of what the cat5 looked like running down those 14 floors (from room 1425)
An alien fetus? More graffiti in stairwell B
Stairwell B, again
An elevator shaft. Found in the sub-basement of the Ramada
The final shot of stair well B, and all it's creepy graffiti
Fourth floor entrance to the section between the third floor and it
PrussianSnow waiting for his "friend"
PrussianSnow, again (The ONE picture Asher did not take)
The fourth floor in all it's glory
Skyline view of Detroit from the roof of the Ramada
Another view of the city skyline